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“You need sources. A writer needs many sources, otherwise the story is not authentic. You don’t have  to be a rocket scientist or Joyce to know that. And not all the sources will fall into your lap like a TV dinner, with a can of beer to go along with it. You have to go after them.
The milkman. Sure, why not. We don’t have a milkman around here anymore, but there’s everybody else. The mailman, for example. Just the other day I asked him whether bank account statements or packages get lost along the way. He personally doesn’t lose them, of course, but obviously it happens. You can take a peek inside the mail and see if someone’s stashing away piles of money, and only pretends to play it safe and modest with a seven-year-old Honda, or if someone orders dildos by mail. And, wow, there you have a frame for your story’s plot: A sexually neglected woman who either is or isn’t aware of the money on her husband’s account! When I was alone with him, I asked my barber if he ever had the urge to stab one of his customers with the razor blade because he was such a mean, insufferable prick. He didn’t say anything, but I saw it in his eyes that people like that came into his shop. Last spring my manager finally confessed to cheating on his wife. I immediately used him as fodder for my next novel and changed the names. My father-in-law remains secretive about his sister’s death in a kitchen accident, and quickly changes the subject, but I haven’t given up because the story smells of family intrigue, and they’re never disappointing. Writing is a 24 hour job.” Tim Klaponte, author of the forthcoming thriller Maniac’s Hymn

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