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Photo by onkel_wart (thomas lieser)

“I am concerned with blood and tissue, not with showroom dummies. I can give my signature French kiss to a dummy, but it won’t soften up. Or get harder than it already is, if you care to know what I mean. Plastic will become animated if it’s powered by batteries. Then they’re drained. That’s low tech. Not my cup of tea. My smear of lipstick on a real man or woman will leave tread marks in the flesh, like tires in the snow. They all respond to me, and that’s what matters because my writing is about interaction. It has to be. Everything I write down has reality as its source. So in this sense, you can call my style realism. I change some of the names because some of my subjects insist on anonymity. Others insist on using their full names. Everyone is different and that’s what I find thrilling. I take the initiative for the meek and overwhelm the arrogant. It’s the same thing I have to do with words if I want the stories to work. Being bound and gagged by words can be a pleasure and a true pain. You know where your limits are, so you have to make do with what you have. Language is not infinite and sex isn’t, either. I can stare two hours on end into the eyes of my partners or take a shortcut and box them in the groin, if that’s what they are asking for. I have no problem laying bare my innermost emotions. It’s the compromise you make for good reading.” Galina Zorn, author of the upcoming erotic thriller Butterflies and Bruises

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