Inspirational quotes by and for authors

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“I sit in front of the monitor and pray. When my prayers are answered, I type away furiously until I tear a tendon in my hand.” Manola Lushinski, author of the fantasy saga The Fallopian Chronicles


“So many stories to tell and so little time. I will never give up on finishing the sequel to the prequel.” Matt Lieber, author of the psycho-sci-fi Intergalactic Stalker, Vol. I-IV


“It’s there. I know it’s all there. I mean the plot. It can be a painstaking process to put the pieces together, like eating alphabet soup with chopsticks.” Les Bateux, author of the mystery adventure The Missing Loophole Incident


“I let the narrative flow through me, like rays of light through a crystal chandelier. I am the interior decorator of my plot, and seek the golden ratio of statuettes and spots of blood on the wallpaper.” Caitlin Lundgren, author of the thriller False Notes of a Deranged Melody


“I use formalin to preserve the body parts of my characters so I can give accurate descriptions of them.  It is, of course, a virtual preservation technique used in my mind. I don’t get physical with others’ body parts.” Eric M. Oakely, author of Incubus Unbound


“There are a million directions the plot can go, and sometimes I lie awake at night and make a few turns here and there. But most of the time I just follow the signs toward a romantic climax, usually on a beach with a dog or a horse, where all paths seamlessly converge.” Jill McVannaugh, author of Temptress On Bail

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