“Have you wondered what it’s like to engage in a slugfest without so much as lifting a finger? You may also be curious to know how phone charging and app updates contribute to the drainage of reason and emotion, or why blogging of the carpet-bombing kind is a convenient form of therapy. This collection of ten short stories takes funny jabs at the flaws we are eager to hide, but end up flaunting.” —Herbert Pummel, literato

“Lane’s debut blew my socks off and I’m still looking for the other half. If you’re hitchhiking for a ride with swift, funny prose on the congested electronic highways, hesitate no further and buckle up. The author takes you on a detour and you won’t regret either his route or his gear shifts. Lane has a natural flair to avoid speed bumps and speed guns, and to cruise at the pace of engrossing entertainment … Whether they go about with a sledgehammer to keep up appearances, give a toast in their lonely hearts club, redact a memoir with the zeal of a North Korean censor, or give a dubious account of people’s involvement in a crime, the characters in Ten Cents a Dime come to life as we would expect them in fiction that strives to be more than a two-dimensional portrayal of life behind a shop window. Buy the book. You won’t be shortchanged.”—The Bookish Herald

“I have a confession to make: I shelved Lane with the rest. It was a mistake … When you think you have reached the end, find those reading glasses and go back to the beginning and start over, because there are hidden gems to be found.”—Octogenarian Literary Review

“Ten cents a dime or a buck a dollar—these stories come full circle. Hilarious reading.”—Fiction Flux

“Yeah, the stories are really good and all. With all this fanfare, I only wish Jack would return my pliers.”—Fred K., a disgruntled neighbor


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