A nursing home attendant confessed to lighting fires around the home to “lighten up the cold, dark days of winter” for patients and to mark a small, bright spot that is visible from the International Space Station. Albert Prinslick, familiarly known as Chip and a favorite of the female residents, was apprehended accidentally after a patrol car responded to a report of public urination. Prinslick’s “sixth sense” suggested to him that he was being watched, so he extinguished the first sparks of a new fire by biological means. After a thorough frisk, police seized five lighters, boxes of matches and four gallons of fire accelerant, as well as a pocketful of dry weed from the man. He is held without bail.


wave house
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stream II

“As a writer, you need to be open in body and mind to the forces of life, otherwise your writing comes across as a software disclaimer. Take a dip in the stream of consciousness and practice your swimming strokes. It passes through you in waves. Waves make up the dynamics of life. In fact, I recently moved into a house with a wavy design.” Madeleine Schilling, author of the autofiction novel Pretzels To Pearls